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Hi everyone. I felt like I should say something before kicking this off, so here is my *official statement* regarding my month here at The Tyranny: On November 22 at 1:07PM I tweeted “i want to be a fiction or poetry editor somewhere for a month.” At 4:28PM Gian emailed me and said he was “throwing up kind of a bloggiah thing” on the Tyrant website and wanted to have different people edit it for a month at a time. I like the books Gian publishes, and so I figured, in sticking with the tried and true formula of Tyrant...


Giancarlo DiTrapano

Tyrant Books has started a blog (right here where you are looking) where we will have guest editors every month, posting things they like, writing from their friends they like, writing from their enemies that they like, and so forth. The posts will come maybe daily, maybe every couple of days, maybe weekly, maybe 5 days in a  row and then nothing for a week. This is a very casual endeavor, but should be a breeding ground for some good writing. 

Our first guest editor is Jordan Castro, kid wonder from Ohio.

Enjoy, and come back. Tell your friends, and your enemies.

yours truly,


We are not currently looking at unsolicited submissions for publication at Tyrant Books. Please check back at a later date or have your agent contact us at

Thank you -Gian

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