New York Tyrant

Three Poems
by Sam Pink

Jordan Castro

Three Poems <br>by Sam Pink</br>

                                                                                                                art by Sam Pink


An infinite pit

becomes an inch deep,

if you just stop thinking

for one second.



Being broke feels like

the entire world is a party

at someone else's house.

& you're wearing muddy shoes that u can't take off

and everyone's just like, 'Yo, come on, leave.'

And you want to leave

but somehow just can't.



Had urge to say,

'Thank you for your service and hospitality'

after standing from park bench. 




Sam Pink lives in St. Pete, Florida. He's 6'1", 235 lbs of sweet tangy succulence. The Garbage Times and White Ibis forthcoming from Soft Skull.   

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