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Cocaine Barbara Plays Whack-a-Mole with Her Heart
by Anaïs Duplan

Kelly Schirmann

The whole room a hole in the ground getting deeper. She stands up and she says, "Michael, now you listen to me, I've got a feeling to say" and Michael says, "What's that?" and I mean, his eyes are bloodshot, leaking out everywhere, the floor's like a Tarkovsky film, it's covered in water I mean the roof's caving in, the lions are chirpin' outside the window and she looks at him and she says, "Now don't you go playing with my heart, Michael—I've got the feeling and I've got it tonight." Michael says, "Now who's that now?" Barbara looks him in the eye and she dies three times.

by LA Warman

Kelly Schirmann

im really invested in things

          not getting worse

the horizon & the

          sky are the same thing

the water & the sky

          are the same thing

by Richard Wehrenberg, Jr.

Kelly Schirmann

I say No one can be the same

millennial I’ve been alive

for a very long time we all have

stadiums and chanting beg

to differ hurl themselves

on their knees before me

asking if I would please

reconsider [my] sentiment [sic]

Two Poems
by Elaine Kahn

Kelly Schirmann

I have heard it said

that love

turns people


but I have

never been



by Jae Choi

Kelly Schirmann

american dollar store

california dollar store

super dollar store

only dollar store

un dollar store #1

mighty dollar store

jung's dollar store

real dollar store


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