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excerpts from Person/a
by Elizabeth Ellen

Jordan Castro

excerpts from <i>Person/a</i> <br>by Elizabeth Ellen</br>
Lately I have been wondering how many accidental car crashes are misdiagnosed suicides. It seems that if your intent is to kill yourself without afterward being thought an asshole by your friends and family, running your car into a tree or telephone pole would be the way to do it. Nobody gets hurt and everyone chalks it up as a “freak occurrence.” Of course now that I’ve posed the question in this form, I have eliminated it as a possibility for myself.

by Leopoldine Core

Jordan Castro

I AM YOUNG IN MY LOVE FOR THE MOON <br>by Leopoldine Core</br>

I wanted to write a love poem

the most impossible thing

and I did 
and it wasn’t hard 

and afterward I took a walk
and nothing seemed hard.

Unmovable Mover
by May-Lan Tan (prod. Kumo)

Jordan Castro

Unmovable Mover <br>by May-Lan Tan (prod. Kumo)</br>
my other body always knows what to steal and when to stop

Five Poems
by Sam Cooke

Jordan Castro

Five Poems <br>by Sam Cooke</br>

Time poem

If time is money

and I don't have money

then I don't have time

for your bullshit

I Know About Micrograms Now
by Tao Lin

Jordan Castro

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I Know About Micrograms Now <br>by Tao Lin</br>
In 2012 I didn't know much about micrograms.
Drugs I used then were measured mostly in milligrams.
2 milligrams of Xanax, 30 milligrams of Adderall.

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